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• OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has proposed the regulation of AI during a Senate hearing.
• Celsius withdrew over $800M stETH staked on Lido Finance following an upgrade.
• Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson raised concerns regarding Worldcoin’s tokenomics and lack of transparency.

OpenAI CEO Calls for Regulation of AI

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently called for the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) during a U.S. Senate hearing, citing fears about its potential misuse in society and potential risks to privacy. This comes as the company seeks $100 million in funding for its crypto project, Worldcoin, which aims to use iris-scanning technology to reward people with tokens for participating and signing up with their irises.

Celsius Withdraws Funds from Lido Finance

Celsius Network recently withdrew over $800 million worth of staked Ethereum (stETH) from Lido Finance after upgrading its system protocols. As users requested more withdrawals from their staked Ethereum, Lido anticipated further large withdrawals in the future.

ECB Believes Digital Euro is Necessary

The European Central Bank believes that a digital euro is necessary despite lukewarm responses from banks and consumers due to security concerns around online banking and privacy protection issues. The launch of a digital euro could potentially reduce transaction costs while increasing access to cashless payments across Europe.

Countdown to Bitcoin Halving

The countdown to the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event continues with less than 50,000 blocks remaining until it takes place in mid-May 2021. The halving will see miners rewarded with half as many Bitcoins for verifying transactions on the blockchain network compared to before, leading some analysts to predict that this could result in an increase in Bitcoin’s price due to increased scarcity of supply relative to demand.

Ex-Ethereum Developer Raises Concerns About Worldcoin Project

Former Ethereum core developer Hudson Jameson raised serious concerns about OpenAI founder Sam Altman’s crypto project Worldcoin, calling it “unrealistic and scary” due its lack of transparency and suspicious tokenomics structure. He also warned that using iris-scanning technology could put people at risk if their data were misused or stolen without their knowledge or consent by those running the project