Bitcoin Breaks $31K: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Coinbase

• Bitcoin breaks $31k as it continues to shake off recent slumps.
• Supreme Court rules in favor of Coinbase, issues order to move user lawsuit into arbitration.
• Binance’s legal woes intensify as Brazil lawmaker seeks to question general manager.

Bitcoin Breaks $31K

Bitcoin has broken the $31,000 mark as it continues to recover from recent market slumps. This is a sign of increasing investor confidence in the cryptocurrency despite ongoing legal and regulatory challenges.

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Coinbase

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Coinbase, issuing an order that will force a user lawsuit against the exchange into arbitration instead of open court proceedings. The ruling was seen as a victory for the cryptocurrency industry, which often faces uncertain legal outcomes due to its lack of regulation in many jurisdictions worldwide.

FTX Files Complaint To Retrieve $700M From “Super-Networker”

FTX has filed a complaint against Bankman-Fried for connections allegedly worth about $700 million USD in order to retrieve funds from him. Fried is known as a „super-networker“ within the crypto industry due to his extensive connections with many well-known players in the space, such as venture capital firms and high-profile investors.

Stably Pauses Withdrawals After Prime Trust Halts Deposits

Stably has temporarily paused withdrawals and minting after Prime Trust announced that it was halting deposits on behalf of Stably customers due to some undisclosed issues with their banking partnerships. This move by Stably is likely intended to protect users‘ funds while they work out an agreement with Prime Trust over this matter.

Binance’s Legal Woes Intensify As Brazil Lawmaker Seeks To Question General Manager

Binance’s legal difficulties have intensified recently as a Brazilian lawmaker seeks to question the exchange’s general manager over potential money laundering activities taking place on its platform. If found guilty, Binance could face hefty fines or even jail time for certain executives involved in these activities, making this situation one that all exchanges should be paying close attention too going forward .